Barry M Sugar Apple | Spring Nails

I am a little bit obsessed with nails at the moment, I think spring is to blame with all the beautiful shades that are being released and this is no exception.

This is the Barry M Gelly hi-shine nail paint in Sugar Apple which is a very light green\blue which looks incredible with a bit of a tan (thank you Florida) it is just the nicest colour, I keep catching my nails out of the corner of my eye and thinking ooh that looks nice. I even picked up this nail polish twice whilst in Boots then came to the realisation that it is the same colour. I just love it.

The only downside is that it seems to chip easily, I don’t know whether they’ve changed the formula or if I’m being extra clumsy but I’ve had to touch it up a few times L

Regardless this is a beautiful nail polish that is perfect for spring!

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