The MAC 217 Dupe

I think the first makeup brush I ever heard of was the MAC 217 and to this day I haven’t bought it, I know that it’s meant to be amazing but some part of me doesn’t want to spend £18 on it. I’ve always been on the lookout for the perfect dupe until I buy it eventually (I know it will happen) but I think I’ve found an incredible alternative.

The brush is the No7 Eye contour brush which retails for £7.25 meaning that you could buy 2 of these for the price of the 217, sound good so far? If you look at the brushes they are practically identical except for the fact that the handle on the 217 is longer, I can live with that. This is honestly the softest brush, I was so impressed when I got it out of the packet, I knew immediately it would be good. It blends eyeshadow amazingly but can also be used for a light dusting all over the lid.

Who knew I could fall in love with a brush that wasn’t from Real Techniques?

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