Just a Trim

So a little while ago I had my hair trimmed and styled and took a few pictures for you and I thought I’d share one with you now.

I love my hair long and so just wanted it tidied up a little bit, get rid of the split ends, you know? My hairdresser always has to sit down when he cuts my hair because it's so long and I always spend hours in the hairdressers, I just have a lot of long curly hair.

What I really loved was how he styled it after, he curled it with straighteners, GDHs to be exact and the style lasted a good two days which never usually happens when my hair is curled with straighteners. I think what might have made the difference was that before curling it he used a non-aerosol hairspray; I might have to get myself one of those.

I just wish I could make my hair look like this myself.

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