New From L'Oreal

Until recently I hadn’t tried too much from L’Oreal but these eyeshadows really caught my eye.

After trying the infallible eyeshadows which seem to be hard to get hold of now and hearing that these are of a similar formula I really wanted to try them. Well people speak the truth, the formula is practically identical, and the difference is that these are packaged as more of a normal eyeshadow instead of a pressed pigment.

The colour range is lovely; I picked up three, two of the nude shades and one lumiere shade. I’ve actually found a way I like to wear all three, I wore it today and received a lovely compliment on it, so I might do a video of that look but they really are lovely.They last really well, the pigmentation in incredible, that swatch is literally one swipe of the eyeshadow, yes really. I haven’t had a problem with fall down either.

At around the £5.50 mark, can you afford not to try at least one of these?

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