The Unused Eyeshadow Palettes

I’m sure we all buy products and then rarely use them, am I right?

I was going through my eyeshadows the other day and I realised that there were a few palettes that I have not used for a very long time and I thought I would show you what they are.

MUA Undressed Palette – this is one that initially I liked and then completely fell out of love with, I used it and then realised that it had deposited glitter all over my face, what a nice look -.- I’m wondering whether or not they would work better with a base or primer because they are nice colours which I want to use.

Maybelline Eyestudio Palette in 70 Copper Chic – I think the main reason that I haven’t used this is because the shades look very shimmery and I feel slightly scared of it quite honestly. It’s very pretty though.

Almay Smoky-I for browns – this is also very pretty but I kind of don’t know what to wear with it. I will have to report back.

Smashbox Softbox Palette – I think  some of the colours in this palette might be just a little bit off the mark if that makes sense, I’m not quite sure if it’s worth the money but the eyeshadows do have a nice formula.

Do you have any products which you often neglect? 

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