Max Factor Excess Shimmer | Review

I love eyeshadow, it’s no secret; so when I saw this new release from Max Factor I knew I had to have it. They have released a range of whipped eyeshadows called ‘excess shimmer’ and I picked up the shade bronze.

Firstly, let me say that the colour of this is incredible! It is the prettiest bronze colour I have ever seen; I am just obsessed with the colour. The pigmentation of this product is also amazing, you seriously have to use a tiny bit, and otherwise it becomes a little more difficult to work with.

Unfortunately, it goes downhill from there, this creases like no other. Eyeshadow NEVER creases on me but this seriously does, that is if there is any left on my eyes, the longevity of this product is shockingly bad even with a primer underneath.

I really wanted to love this product because the colour is perfect but the longevity of it, or should I say lack of, it horrible and places it firmly as a disappointing product.

Have any of you tried this product?

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