Benefit Roller Lash | Review

This month Elle magazine included a sample of the new Benefit mascara and, of course, I had to pick up a copy.

Let me start by saying that I am extremely fussy with mascara, it takes a formula to be very good for me to love a mascara and if I find one which I repurchase you know it’s good.

I honestly wish I had done a first impressions video or something for when I first tried this mascara because I was astounded at how good it is. The formula is a little more wet then I usually like but this stuff is incredible. It gives incredible length and holds a curl really well.

The real reason that I’ve fallen in love with this mascara is that I always get black fall down under my eyes, regardless of what mascara I’ve used but this didn’t happen with Roller Lash. I always get fall down and the fact that I didn’t with this has impressed me to no end.

I will absolutely purchase the full size of this mascara.

Have you tried this?

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