How To Fake A Good Night's Sleep

I don’t have the best sleep record, sometimes I just don’t sleep. On such occasions I always have something to do the next day and I need to look presentable. I thought I’d tell you the little makeup steps I do to help myself look a little more alive.

A statement lip, usually a red lip. I think if you have a bold lip it makes you look much, much more awake and it also makes you look very put together. It counteracts the whole, I have just rolled out of bed situation I normally have going on

Brightening Under Eye Concealer. Let’s face it, the under eye area can get a little dark and the situation is not fun. If you haven’t had much sleep a brightening under eye concealer will make a huge difference

Shimmery Eyeshadow. This might just be me, however, I think having something shimmery on the eye makes you look much more awake. It really opens up the eyes when it catches the light

Highlighter. Are you sensing the glowing skin trend yet? Again, this catches the light and makes you look radiant and not sleep deprived

So those are steps I take when I look less then well rested, what do you do?

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