The Every Day Eyeshadow Quad - FleurDeForce | Review

I always get excited every time a Youtuber I’ve watched for years releases products. Fleur is one of the first Fleur is one of the first Youtubers I started watching, way back when she was at uni, and it’s been so nice to watch her channel grow and develop. I do think that she is so underrated for how much hard work she puts in, but that’s beside the point.

Last year Fleur launched a makeup line of lip products and eyeshadow quads. I thought her lip products look great, but I already have so many lip products that I decided to get an eyeshadow palette instead. Fleur released two palettes the more neutral one I have and a slightly more purple toned one which I really want to try.

The palette I picked up is called ‘Cosmic Bronze’ and consists of a light beige/champagne colour, a neutral/sable from MAC colour, a metallic bronze shimmer and a matte chocolate crease shade. The set-up of these palettes almost reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury with the 3 matte and one shimmer/glitter shade.

When this palette first arrived in the post I honestly didn’t think it was anything special but as soon as I started using it I realised that it was the perfect everyday palette. You have everything you need to create a neutral eye look which will go with anything. I just really love the combination of shades.
As far as pigmentation goes I’d say that they are the same as you’d get from any other high-street brand; the shadows are slightly powdery but nothing beyond the ordinary. Overall I’m really impressed with the quality of the palette.

I do wish the shades had individual names and that the palette had a mirror, but these are only minor picky things which are not absolutely necessary. I would strongly recommend this if you’re looking for a basic everyday eyeshadow palette.

Which Youtuber’s collection of products is your favourite?

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