How To: Choose Christmas Presents For People

I haven’t done a ‘How To’ post in a while and so I thought I’d do one to give you some tips about Christmas shopping and how to pick the best present.

1.    Listen
My first tip would be to listen to the person all year round. The more you listen to people as they talk in an every-day situation, the more you know about them and what they like when it comes to buying presents. I love knowing exactly what to get someone because they mentioned it months before or something like that. It just makes life a lot easier.

2.    Know Your Audience
    This is a similar point but it’s about remembering that one of your friends loves tartan scarves or benefit mascaras etc. it’s all about paying attention so that when you’re out shopping you know exactly what they would/wouldn’t like.

3.   Shop Around
It’s no secret that Christmas is an extremely expensive time of year. I find that one of the most useful things to do if you find a gift you like is to check the price of it on other websites as it’s often always cheaper somewhere else.

4.    Budget
This is always something I forget to do, however, I think if you make a list and allocate a rough guide price for each person it can mean that you can limit your spending much more as you’ve planned everything out. I also think saving for Christmas is a good idea, not just for presents but also all of the Christmassy hot chocolates and gorgeous decorations.

So those are a couple of tips to help with Christmas shopping, have you done all of yours yet, or are you a last minute type person?

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