Things To Do This Winter

I thought it would be a nice idea to put together a little post of a couple of things to do/things I like to do at this time of the year.
1. Winter Wonderland
For those of you who don’t know, Winter Wonderland is a huge fairground/Christmas market type thing in Hyde Park in London. I went a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. I went super close to Christmas, I think it was the 23rd of December, and it was so perfect. I definitely recommend taking a coat and money if you want to go on the rides. We also went ice skating and did a little bit of Christmas shopping whilst in London, so why not roll it all into one?

2. Christmas/Victorian Markets
These are so common this time of year, in fact we’ve just had one where I live and they are SO popular. I think I’s a mix of the Christmas lights, cute stalls and food that attract people to them. They are definitely good to look around and just spend a little bit of time at. I definitely recommend going to one if you want to feel a little bit more festive.

3. Garden Centres
Yes, you read that right. Garden centres are incredible at this time of year, they are full of Christmas decorations and lights and often festive food. They often host Santa visits for children and sometimes even have real reindeer. They are such a forgotten gem that I love to do this time of year.

4. Wildlife Parks
now, we're not just talking about any wildlife park here, I'm specifically thinking of parks that have deer, 
in case you didn't know, I love deer and they happen to be thought of  a quite a festive animal, so why not combine the two things?

5. Christmas Shopping!
We all have to do it, so why not make a day of it and get yourself a festive hot chocolate – my favourite is the orange one from Costa – wrap up in a nice coat and scarf and buy yourself too many tings whilst you’re meant to be buying for other people.

Those are just a few things I like to do at this time of the year, what do you do when you want to feel festive? 

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