Urban Decay - All Nighter v Naked Skin Concealer

It is well known that the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer is my all time, ultimate favourite, and so when they launched the ‘All Nighter’ I knew I had to try it. I thought it might be useful to do a side-by-side review in case you’re looking at both and don’t know which to purchase.


This concealer is all about radiance underneath the eyes. He formula includes light reflecting particles – the ones that make you look like you didn’t stay up binge watching Friends for the 100th time – which also help reduce the appearance of fine lines under the eyes. Winner. The applicator is a great shape to swipe underneath the eyes if you pick a shade you can highlight with as well, however, I always recommend wiping the applicator on the inside of the tube otherwise you will end up wasting SO much product and you really don’t need to use that much.

This concealer blends like a dream, and I have a shade which is a little light so it highlights as well, but it blends beautifully. I would always recommend going to a counter for a shade match when buying high-end makeup, but especially with the shade range for this concealer as some of the shades are a little bit off. For reference, I use the shade fair neutral. Though the formula is light, it has good coverage and lasts all day, it’s rare that I catch myself in a mirror and am horrified by my dark circles peeking through.


Onto the new addition, Urban Decay claim that the coverage is SO good it could even cover tattoos, yes, you read that correctly. This concealer has a much higher coverage than the naked skin, it really does cover well, without using much product. One downside of the coverage is that I find it harder to blend into the skin. I’m not looking for a completely natural look – I mean it’s full coverage – but it would be nicer if the formula was a little more liquid and easier to blend.

It has a normal doe-foot applicator, which makes it easy to place the concealer exactly where you need it, a little goes a long way. Unlike the Naked Skin, this concealer is waterproof which will come in especially handy in the summer, or if you’re prone to crying. I think the fact that it is waterproof makes it more durable and is especially good if you have oily skin as it has a better lasting power. Due to the soft-matte finish, this is also great to use for cover blemishes, whereas the radiant finish of Naked Skin doesn’t make it the best option.

One thing worth noting is that the Naked Skin concealer has more product in it, naked sin contains 5ml, whereas the all nightery has 3.5 ml of product as is more expensive.

In general ,I have to say I prefer the Naked Skin concealer, I think the All Nighter is great and the coverage is amazing, but for someone with dry skin it is just a little too matte. The All Nighter works really well if you mix it with your eye cream which is a nice way to use it and it really does stick in place, but the Naked Skin makes me look so awake and so radiant, it will always be my go-to. 

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