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Clinique recently launched their new CliniqueFIT range with the idea that “life’s a marathon, look good running it.” The whole concept of the range is that it is made up of makeup and skincare which is suitable to use when exercising. So, naturally I picked up a couple of items and I thought I’d share my thoughts on them, and also let you know about the other items available in the range.

Workout 24-Hour Mascara
This mascara is designed to build volume and separate lashes, doesn’t that sound just like what you want? The mascara doesn’t claim to be waterproof but is sweat resistant, humidity resistant and should be smudge free for 24 hours. Personally, I don’t need to wear mascara for 24 hours, but it’s always good to know what it has good lasting power.

The brush is surprisingly skinny, considering ti is designed to build volume, but if you just want to wear this to work out, it is perfectly fine.

The mascara is currently only available in the shade black and retails for £20.00

Post-Workout Face + Body Cleansing Wipes
Makeup wipes are the perfect inclusion in this range as they fit neatly inside a gym bag or your handbag, it’s a great idea. The wipes are designed to remove dirt, oil and sweat and can be used on the body as well as the face, making them much more useful. Of course, you can use the wipes more generally to remove your makeup, as they are just wipes.

At £16.00 for 20 wipes, I think they’re quite expensive, but they are good at refreshing your skin after a workout, but I wouldn’t say they are essential

Workout Face + Body Hydrating Spray
What interested me the most in the range was the hydrating spray. The spray is oil free and refreshes, rehydrates and renews the skin. This is really nice to use as a post-workout pick-me-up, it is cooling and feels nice on the skin. The other reason I wanted to try this was to see if it would be nice as a general hydrating mist to use as part of a skincare routine. The mist on the spray is really gentle and fine; so it sprays evenly across the face and feels really hydrating, without feeling heavy.

This retails for £13.00

So those are the bits I picked up from the range, however, I thought I’d tell you about the other items available in the range. There is also: Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer - £26.00, Lip + Cheek Flush - £17.00, Post-Workout Neutralizing Face Powder - £27.00 and the Workout Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 40 - £29.50.

I didn’t pick up a lot of the makeup items as when I exercise I think it is better to let your skin breathe, however, if that is something you’re interested in then the option is there for you to try. In general, I think this range is quite expensive for what is, but it is nice to see brands branching out and creating products for people who want to workout and still look and feel good.

Have you heard about CliniqueFIT, what are your thoughts?

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