So, this post is a few months late, but I always document major life moments on the blog, so here it is. I GRADUATED. I know, I actually made it through university and I have a Law degree.

Onto the day itself, I wore a red spotty dress from M&S, I really didn’t know what to wear and I felt so uncomfortable with my body that this was the only dress – out of the 11 I ordered – I actually liked! I wore heels all day from H&M, which killed my feet, I took them off and hobbled through the car park barefoot after the ceremony. The actual ceremony was great, I didn’t trip and fall, so all-in-all a great success.

It was nice to have the family together to celebrate a life achievement, we all went for a LOVELY evening meal together. Honestly, it was nice to say goodbye to that chapter of my life. My graduation was in November and I finished Uni in June, so it was strange to catch up with everyone after so many months.

University isn’t for everyone, there were times when I questioned whether it was even for me. University is not easy, not in my experience anyway, but I really feel like it changed me as a person. It challenged me academically and personally. I really think that I learned a lot about time management, commitment and – of course - procrastination. I made friends, I established a successful relationship, I really did finish University a more well-rounded person than I started.

Now onto adult life.

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