MAC Stereo Rose

Every once in a while I see something on a blog and know that I need to have it. This si the MAC mineralise skinfinish in stereo rose, how pretty? I must admit the fact that this is limited edition made me need it even more! 

This has appeared in one or two collections before and is currently part of the ‘A Fantasy of Flowers’ collection and is priced at £22, as I’m writing this it is sold out on the MAC website but I’m sure it’s available on counters and other websites which sell MAC.

This is a very beautiful blusher, it has a rose base, as the name would suggest, with golden and highlighting shimmer running through it. I walked into work wearing this the other day and I was asked what I was wearing on my cheeks, well it was this.

This blusher has the glow factor about it, it is perfect for those days when you’re not looking as full of life as usual or the days when you want something to cheer you up, or when you just want something glowy on your cheeks. A few options for you there.

It’s not the cheapest but it is incredibly pretty, pretty enough for me to spend £22. I have no other blusher like it, it’s one of a kind. If you can get your paws on this beauty I definitely would.

Have your tried Stereo Rose? 

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