How To: Down-size Your Beauty Stash

It’s been a while since I’ve written a ‘How To’ type post but the other day I started downsizing my body care and nail polish and makeup and I realised that I needed a post like this to help; so hopefully this can help some of you.

1.    Stop with the Denial
What I mean by this is actually admit to yourself that you have too many products. I am always telling myself that one more lipstick or body lotion won’t hurt, that I’ve got the space, but it’s just not true. Before you can be in the right mind set to clear out products you have to admit to yourself that you need to.

2.    Be Realistic
I’m not saying you should downsize to the point where you only have one of each product, I certainly didn’t, I’m just saying if you’ve had something for a very long can’t remember when you bought it amount of time you should probably throw it out. You know, realistically you don’t need 8 body scrubs, I’m sure a friend would love the donation of one or two. Sometimes we buy things and go to use it and we just don’t like it, those are the easy ones, just get rid of them.

3.    Ask for a second opinion
When I did this I sat my boyfriend down on my bed and fed him cookies so he’d help. Sometimes you need someone to say you’ve never used that or please don’t use that. Trust me, it makes the process much more effective.

So those are a few steps to follow to make downsizing a little bit easier. You know what they say, out with the old and in with the new. 

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