The Shampoo and Conditioner You Need To Try

It’s not often I rave about shampoo and conditioner but when I do it is well deserved. I got so excited when L’Oreal released the Extraordinary Clay range because it suits my hair perfectly. It’s designed for people who have oily roots but dry ends, how long have we been waiting for something like this?!

The range comes with the shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and pre-shampoo masque. I didn’t get the dry shampoo because it’s quite a small bottle so it really wouldn’t last very long, but I do really like the masque and I feel like it really enhances the job the shampoo and conditioner does.

I find that I have to wash my hair less frequently when I use this – which for lazy people like me is perfect – but that also a lot better for your hair.

Basically I really love this stuff, it’s priced really well and I’m pretty sure I’ll continue purchasing it until they discontinue it. So if you have oily roots but dry ends please try this, it’s a game changer.

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