Catching Up, Charlotte Tilbury and GBK | Someday Summary

 I’ve been so busy with University lately, but I'm really trying to make time for this blog and my youtube channel, turns out striking the balance isn't always easy. Not only that, I've also set myself the goal of uploading 3 posts and 2 videos a week, wish me luck

 I’ve really been enjoying living with my boyfriend recently. I'm not one for change - in fact I hate change - but we've lived together for nearly a year now and I finally feel settled. I find the tidier the house, the happier I am, having fresh flowers also makes me happy, plus it's lovely to always have someone to come home to.

 I recently chopped my hair off! My hair had grown to the bottom of my back and it's now above my shoulders. For someone who avoids change at all costs I'm really proud of myself for having it cut, plus it takes me so little time in the morning now!

 I'm planning on doing a post about my recent Netflix obsessions, but I just have to say that I'm currently obsessing over 'How To Get Away With Murder', it you haven't watched it, you need to!

 I recently took James to GBK, our nearest one is in Bristol, and he is now as obsessed as I am. The skinny fries are INCREDIBLE, it's worth the journey just for the fries, let alone the burger.

 I 'accidentally' may or may not have had a little splurge at a Charlotte Tilbury counter recently - expect a haul coming soon.

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